Administrative Registration

What does Administrative Registration mean?
An Administratives Registration means that the cell phone that you bought abroad, can operate in the national networks, but is not garanteed that can operate in all the telecom operators, or receive the Emergency Alert if it occurs.

It applies for cellphones bought out of the country, o for foreign people just passing by the country who want their devices to work in the national mobile network.

To get your cellphone registered, it is needed an administrative homologation. A natural person, presenting their ID or Passport, has the right of 1 free administrative inscription a year for 1 device, fulfilling the following two conditions:

  1. Your ID number or passport number should not have a previous administrative inscription in the current year.
  2. The laboratory must not have accomplished its 2% quota of administrative inscriptions in the current year.

Note: If any of the conditions above were not accomplished, 1463 exempt resolution allows the companies to charge for the administrative inscription services.


The procedure goes as it follows:

Complete the form (Download it HERE), sign it and send it to:


Subject: IMEI N°XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Inscripción Celular Comprado Extranjero


  • Form
  • Screenshot of the IMEI (dial in your cellphone *#06#)
  • A photo of the IMEI shown physically on the device (normally, it is impressed on the case, on the inside of the device or on the sim card slot).
  • An ID photo by both sides, or passport photo.
  • A photo of the bill or similar which accredits that the device was acquired out of the country paying with foreign money.

If the device was acquired in person out of the country and you’re not carrying the bill with you, send the records that prove the permanence out of the country not older than 30 days, attaching:

  • Photo of the correctly stamped passport, airlines tickets or Tarjeta Única Migratoria (Unique Migratory Card) given by PDI and any additional record.

IMPORTANT: If any inconsistency in the request of the service has been found (mistakes, omissions, adulterations), the request will be rejected, so any email with partial information will not be considered. Thus, you must ensure of sending the request with all required information as our procedure indicates so.

Attention schedule: Monday to Friday, from 9:00 to 17:00 hrs.

Information only via WhatsApp (not calls): +56 9 8359 3754

Once the Administrative Inscription is done, you can consult the state of your IMEI (dial in your cellphone *#06#) in any of the following websites of the mobile operators:



If your phone was registered administratively, depending on the characteristics of the cellphone, it could have difficulties to operate in Chile and not receive SAE (Emergency Alert System)