Cellular chargers with SEC certification guarantees safer homes


To avoid accidents such as fires, burns and damage to mobile devices, this regulation comes into effect as of March 31, so all imported chargers from that date must have the certification process SEC and the QR code. There will be a few months of transition, so the suppliers of these products can sell their non-certified stock until September 30 of this year.

This regulation allows the marketer and the client to know that the product they want to sell or acquire have the characteristics they offer, to be sure that the products purchased in Chile are of the best quality possible.

MBServices recommends consulting with an expert to ensure that all that is needed to certify their products, are made with quality, meeting all the requirements and rigor required by SEC, so that their products are safe and reliable for the community.

MB Services suggests if you are interested in our support, facilitating the process or need to know more about the services that are required to register the cellular charger, we invite you to contact us at:

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Know our Certification Management System and support:

  • Management and Maintenance of Test Reports Safety Type
  • Management of Inspection Information
  • Management and Maintenance of Monitoring Reports Regular Control of Shipments
  • Management and Maintenance of Security Certificates
  • Mantención de Imágenes de Etiquetas QR SEC